Lesson 3

In this lesson you will be learning about different diet plans. There are numerous diet plans out there that promise they will get you to lose weight. The key is finding the one that works for you. Your task in this lesson is to research 2 diet plans of your choice and write a short (1-2 pages) essay that compares them to each other. For a list of diets to choose from, go to http://www.everydiet.org/weight_loss_diet.htm

Make sure your essay includes all relevant information about your diet including any and all dietary restrictions, recommended/required foods, amount of recommended exercise, how long you should be on the diet, cost of the program (if any at all), and any other information somebody considering the diet would need to know. At the end of the essay, please describe which one you think is best and you would recommend to others.

Your essay will be graded using this rubric:
2 diet plans-10 points
Dietary restrictions described-10 points
Foods described-10 points
exercise described-10 points
time/cost described-10 points
Recommendation-10 points
Total-60 points

Print and turn in when you are finished.